Cultural Patrimony

Sopela. Patrimonio cultural

Religious Sites

San Pedro Church

Located in the hub , is Renaissance and dates from the sixteenth century ( 1520 )

Ermita El Carmen

Located in the neighborhood of Larrabasterra , is of modern construction

Ermita San Andrés

Located on the road to plentzia, is a rustic building of the thirteenth century

Ermita Santa Marina

Perched on the cliffs of Santa Marina, from where the coast of Bizkaia currency

Sculptures and Statues


1996 , located in the Iberre Bridge


2002, situated at Sipiri . Sculpture of Angus Young, guitarist of ACDC

The Skater

2000 , located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Whale Tail

1999 , located in the park Iturrieta


2003 , located in the pools. Tribute to cyclist Joane Somarriba


2002 , located at the roundabout Sipiri Street . It's a real boat propeller , in tribute to the chief engineer


1999 , located on the street Bentatxu . Tribute to the sailors of the merchant marine bridge

The Palm

1999 Urgitxieta located in the plaza