Sopela. Patrimonio cultural

Cultural Patrimony

Religious Sites

San Pedro Church

Located in the hub , is Renaissance and dates from the sixteenth century ( 1520 )

Ermita El Carmen

Located in the neighborhood of Larrabasterra , is of modern construction

Ermita San Andrés

Located on the road to plentzia, is a rustic building of the thirteenth century

Ermita Santa Marina

Perched on the cliffs of Santa Marina, from where the coast of Bizkaia currency

Sculptures and Statues


1996 , located in the Iberre Bridge


2002, situated at Sipiri . Sculpture of Angus Young, guitarist of ACDC

The Skater

2000 , located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Whale Tail

1999 , located in the park Iturrieta


2003 , located in the pools. Tribute to cyclist Joane Somarriba


2002 , located at the roundabout Sipiri Street . It's a real boat propeller , in tribute to the chief engineer


1999 , located on the street Bentatxu . Tribute to the sailors of the merchant marine bridge

The Palm

1999 Urgitxieta located in the plaza

Sopela. Iron Belt

Iron Belt

The defenses located between “Arene” and “Urkomendi” belong to a reserve line of defense of the “Cinturon de Hierro” in its most eastern end.
Fortified settlements with machine guns, foxholes and machine gun nests were built in abundance.