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19-Panorámica desde Sopelmar

Panorámica desde Sopelmar; Sopela (Bizkaia)

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Mar Cantábrico encrestado, tomada entre la Playa de Atxabiribil y el Peñón; Sopela (Bizkaia)

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Wet gold

Another session at Barrika beach

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Sunset Sopela

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Llévate el viento - Take the Wind away

...porque te siento en el aire que toca mi piel.

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let yourself go

Una foto que me he encontrado en el móvil, parece que fue un descarte . Al contrario de lo que parece esa tarde el mar llegaba hasta el Peñón, pero estaba tan fuerte que la ola 14 subía hasta arriba de la playa , si te dejas te lleva ! “Déjate llevar “
A photo that I found on my mobile phone, it seems that it was a discard. Contrary to what it seems that afternoon the sea reached the Rock, but it was so strong that the wave 14 went up to the top of the beach, if you let it take you! “let yourself go”

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Soaked in yesterday

Desde un, para mi, bello y entrañable rincón de mi tierra, os deseo Feliz Navidad .
From a, for me, beautiful and endearing corner of my land, I wish you a merry Christmas.

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Over the sea [Explored]


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Sopela sunset

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Sunset at Playa Arrietara

This was our first evening in the Bilbao area after our three-day journey from Switzerland.

The next beach along the coast, Playa Sopelana, was the main beach for the girls' surf school.

Although it was early August, the weather was changeable the whole week with quite a bit of rain and colder-than-average temperatures.

The good thing about the rain showers and clouds was that it made for some wonderful sunsets.

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